About the Duel Quiz Prompt After You Lose a Ranked Match

Yeah, whats the duel quiz for, the shuffler was shit and gave me a dead hand that caused me to get ragdolled and lose?


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Its to tell you to get better
It only ask you when you lose at low rank, just go up a bit and you'll never see that. I know it's annoying even famous youtuber found it -someone who honestly upload that for joke such as Gunblazing lol Just don't use test deck at low rank

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Can we trade cards with other player?

I am in short for Ninja cards / XYZ robot, can we trade cards

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İ just love him this game should bring him

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Duel replays

Guys, need your help, I cannot find any of my saved duels in (duel replays)

I just hit plat and I wonder what percentage of the community I'm in

I was just wondering how many players are in plat and up 20%? 30%? Etc



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Lvl 30 gives better rewards trust me
The gem is not changed yet it still 1 gem ,Konami that the biggest mistake ever I seen
Black Rose Dragon boom goes your field, yay Akiza.
That card looks powerful because it's destroy all cards on field when this card was synchro ...
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