Can we trade cards with other player?

I am in short for Ninja cards / XYZ robot, can we trade cards


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For now, you can't maybe in the future
You can't trade in this game, no.
There are many ways to make cheating difficult.
1) only stage 60 players can trade
2) can only trade 1 card per month
3) the traded card must be of the same rarity as the other card (UR for UR etc)
4) Cannot trade more than once with any other account (cannot trade more than once with the same player)

This means that every month, each player would have to make 6 new accounts, take them to level 60 each and only trade one of the cards to their main account. For all that hard work, you obtained 6 cards that you could have possibly obtained by trading with other players except with no cheating.

Even if cheating is minimized, trading will affect $$$$$$$$$$$. There are individuals that have the necessity to have certain cards and will not mind spending over $100 dollar if it means having 3 copies etc. There is no way konami will allow trading because it will affect their earnings.

On a side note: I wish trading would be a possibility and I could make 20 accounts to trade all the good cards to my main account.

It really shouldn't happen. That is because people can just make alt accounts with over 1000 gems, run the packs and trade the good cards they got to their main account.
Can I play somehow to my friends see me as offline? (hidden)
Ko"money" will never let us do that,
you already know why
maybe in the future...

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This is why the world never come to peace
I face him and he use my mons to summon this card on my side, then at the end of turn it switched...
Even 1 srh or a floodgate can make this deck freeze
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