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How many wins are needed in each legendary rank to get a promotion duel? And if u lose that change once for how many duels is it available again?

And how many defeats to get a demotion duel? Does it vary between ranks? Ando do they have to be consecutive or are they cumulative? like say demotion rank its after 3 defeats, but if i manage to win 1 duel after 2 defeats is the count reset to 0? i dont get it

27days ago


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16days ago
you just need to win
19days ago
From Legend 1 to 5 I believe you will need 4 wins, does not need to be consecutive wins and you could regain it after a lose. Eg: you will still rank up if you WWWLWW.

You will demote after 3 loses, does not necessarily need to be consecutive too. You could demote if you LLWLL.

For KOG, you always need a consecutive 5 wins, no exceptions.
23days ago
Sorry you're only allowed 1 question at a time.
26days ago
you need 5 victories and can't lose at leg-5 because need a perfect 5 streak to reach kog
26days ago
Dun know.

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