ThisSo in DSOD we can have three versions of this character???? Like in the movie

First is the Yami (Virtual) vs Kaiba (DSOD).
Second is Yami Yugi (DSOD) defeating Aigami/Diva.
Finally there is Atem (DSOD) on his throne.


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We already have 'Virtual' Yami Yugi, it's just the DM one without the Millennium Puzzle. So the chances of getting a third YY is very low.
yes there was a match between yugioh and naruto
In Yu-Gi-Oh DSOD (movie) there was no match between Yami (o Atem) and Yugi
fourth is yami yugi vs yugioh
In Duel Monsters:
-Joey Wheeler and "Maybe" Mind-Controlled Joey (1-10%)
-Yami Yugi and '"Maybe"' Atem (60-80%)

In GX:
-Kaiser Zane and ""maybe"" Zane (academy)
-Jaden Yuki and Jaden/Yubel

In 5Ds:
-Carly Carmine (Dark Signer) and #maybe# Carly Carmine (Normal)

-Atem (DSOD) a 60-80%
-Yami Yugi (DSOD) a 80-90%
-Yami (Virtual) a 50-50

All it depends on the survey...

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Whats the point of this game anymore. PAY TO PLAY SCAM KONAMI. might as well make a card that...
I think they did that on purpose such that people only mention the most important things and don&...
My longest duel was 43 turns, so that's certainly not a rule XD
Magician Girls? Red-Eyes? You must be kidding
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