How does doubling and adding ATK work together?

In school, they taught us that you first do multiplication and afterwards do the additioning. But that's not the case here. Do the developers not know this rule?


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How does doubling and adding ATK work together?
"In school, they taught us..."
That's your problem. You should never (NEVER!) listen to your teachers.
So..what cards combination you are talking about here?
Give us the in-game condition
Maybe the one who understand the rule is you.
its depend on chain link activation effect
I know how to make math
I was never taught math in school you must of went to a fake school or something
keep in mind that they're asians so they prob know math better than your white a55
You can use brackets in math. And that's basically what they're doing here. Whatever happens first is applied first and then you put a bracket around it.

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