does gold rank 1 will be decreased by 5 ranks when the next season start? i got a hard time just to achieve this because of poor internet connection :( thanks for your helping answer btw

6days ago


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2days ago
You know when you lose in PVP, you can click on their profiles and press "Report Player"?
2days ago
Yep, those asshole losers with dc cheat deserve to get banned. Konami should make cheat report page so we can report every single one of them.
3days ago
Regardless of where you're currently placed at the end you will be set back 5 full ranks. For example plat 3 will be gold 3, gold 5 will be silver 5 and so on.
6days ago
I'm at gold 1 as well. I think it will reset us back into the Silver but I'm not sure. I feel you on the difficulty. Between the DC errors and hackers, it's a grind. Can't tell you how many times I had a time limit loss at the start of my turn.

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9days ago


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Come on we speak english.. not indo. Do u still think we are one of your mates?
That's why I suggest bringing in a chivalry or divine wrath. Sphere Kuribo will be negated w...
Yes it always seemed these decks are not playing fair...
my new improved deck with 99% consistency in level 40. enjoy yo...
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