Summon 4 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

In a ranked duel (novice) in the same turn a player (XionForte) summon 2 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and sacrifice them for gaining life then summon 2 toher Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon to kill me ! How is that possible ? ok he has Cyber-stein on board but it's normally cost 5000 lp and how it's possible to have 4 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon ?


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Oh, and obviously I can't say that's what happened... I haven't seen XionForte's deck... but that's one way to do it.
Hand = Poly, 2x BEWD, Fusion Material monster, Cyber-Stein, Beacon of White

Field = f/d Summoner of Illusion, 2x Alter For Tribute

Fusion Summon BEUD from hand. AFT it (4000 LP +4500 = 8500)
Activate Cyber-Stein (-5000 = 3500), SS BEUD. AFT it (+4500 = 8000)
Flip Summoner, sacrificing Cyber-Stein for third BEUD
Activate Beacon, S. Summoning BEUD from graveyard.

Physically, it wouldn't be impossible to do as you say... though it doesn't mean they had 4x BEUD in their deck
What is this man below me talking about? How can we put 6 BEWD in a deck? Or 4 BEUD in extra deck? Dont you realize we can only put 3 cards of the same name in main and extra deck??? Retarded
very simple..i dont know youre silly or playing dumb...number of cards in deck he may have placed 4x blue eyes in deck or may be 6x blue eyes w dragon...single cards..even he sacrifice 2, he may have side i have a total of 4x blue eyes white dragon..duh
Are you sure its 4? Cause you can only put 3 of the same card in extra and main deck. Or maybe the 4th BEUD is Oz but you doesnt notice it?

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The above anon only plays 1 Mew, can't remove it since Messengelato practically needs it
Lmao Meta players WILL use Level 4 vanillas if it helps them win. Heck it is the entire rea...
1.) took you long enough 2.) no one cares
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