Replacement for Master of Oz in Pirhana Combo?

Can any one suggest me a replacement for Master of Oz . I want 10k damage using Pirhana +gift of the martyr.But i dont have master of oz. Closest i have is B.Skull Dragon . which is giving me 8k damage. Help anyone

9days ago


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3days ago
Thats my highest dmg (on odion lvl40):
2 gift, 1 riryoku, 1 spell reclam, 1 ritual foregone, luster + gate guardian + pirnha= 21850
good luck bro!
6days ago
I use Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon
9days ago
Yep, just add riryoku, riryoku first then gift of the martyr your b. Skull dragon. Remember gift of the martyr added original attack, so it doesn't matter if your b skull dragon halved by riryoku before using martyr.
9days ago
Riryoku + Gift of the Martyr on any 2800+ ATK
800 ATK (Pirhana) + 1400 (Riryoku) + 2800 (Original ATK of tributed monster) = 5000
5000 x 2 (Pirhana's effect) = 10000

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Come on we speak english.. not indo. Do u still think we are one of your mates?
That's why I suggest bringing in a chivalry or divine wrath. Sphere Kuribo will be negated w...
Yes it always seemed these decks are not playing fair...
my new improved deck with 99% consistency in level 40. enjoy yo...
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