Seal stealth attack counters

They really need to release some proper counter cards for Sea stealth attack.

This deck is even more silly than Dakini was prenerf.

There isnt even a choice btween which of the effects to use on the turn, as you can just use all of them.

A lvl 5+ monster gets all attributes Super rush headlong.

The banish cleanses all.

You think hey they tuned down dakini some, the meta may become more balanced and than bam! they release a more over the top and easier deck with Sea stealth attack.

I have even seen players use Sea stealth attack monster destroy effect on monsters that you should destroy by battle and not by effect.

But hey they can afford it or the Sea stealth effect message popped up and they blindly pressed it without thinking.

This deck needs to be made more balanced. Either by proper counter cards, nerfs or both.


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I mean Nerokius
Maybe Gladiator Beast Nerokrus?
There are a lot of cards that can stop the activation of a card you can use those
There are counters to SSA play though I have to admit they are not f2p friendly... Cosmic Cyclone could banish SSA out of existence. Super Rush could also help counter playing SSA ram to the monster and they either have to banish it (which often allow you to direct attack) or get that monster sacked. Another counter is probably Xin Zhen Hu but you need to set it a turn before and pin SSA the turn they got set. Having said that all these cards come from the box and are all SR/UR which could have limited accessibility to some people. Some other counter include Seven Tools of Bandit, Ultimate Providence (the better f2p friendly counter I could think of), Silent Insect (a very weird tech to tech in though). There are a lot of counter play to SSA to be honest.
can "Heavy Knight of the Flame" counter it?
so its normal. just read ama
It blocks its effects for the battle phase.
Is AMA suppose to stop SSA or is it a bug?
chaos hunter
This is gonna sound weird but, Anti-Magic Arrows can actually block SSA's effects during the battle phase. Even if SSA is activated, play AMA before you attack & SSA's effects wont go off. I've done this multiple times and it works perfectly. Just make sure you have a monster strong enough to defeat your opponents monster, play AMA, THEN LET IT RIIIIIIIIIP!!! LOL

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