What does 'Who should roll the pack?' mean?

Just started this game, a lot of great resources here it seems. I don't really understand the box advice though. For example, with Ultimate Rising box it says under 'who should roll the pack' 'If you're aiming to get your 2nd or 3rd Sphere Kuriboh'. How do I interpret this?


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To get 3 Sphere Kuriboh you do need to reset the box, though, as Ultimate Rising iirc only has 1 copy of Sphere Kuriboh.

So open the packs to get 1 copy, reset the box, then open the packs again to get another copy.
Thanks for the explanation to first Anon who replied: ("who should roll the pack" = what kind of player should try to open multiple packs from the box.").
That "roll" is so badly worded it's ridiculous. I always thought it was some trick or method to reset box if you're looking for something specific. ie "roll" as in relating to probability (such as a dice roll).
Ultimate Rising is useless unless you want those 3 sonic birds for your cyber angel deck. Instead go for the Floodgate,Wall of Disruption,Super Rush Headlong Boxes.
My suggestion for you:
Buy cards from first four packs in the game (Ultimate Rising, Age of Discovery, Neo-Impact, Flame of The Tyrant) Farming LD and Compete in PvP are the choices too. But Farming LD is very important since you can get good cards from them. PvP is more difficult than farming LD is the reason
"who should roll the pack" = what kind of player should try to open multiple packs from the box.

Using the Ultimate Rising example, if you're aiming to get multiple copies of the Sphere Kuriboh card, then you should "roll" Ultimate Rising, as it is the pack that will let you get more copies of Sphere Kuriboh.

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