What do the Kuribohs mean in pack openings?

I have been playing for a few months now and I have found no relation between the amount and/or size of Kuribohs that pop up when buying a pack and the rarity of cards in said pack. Do the Kuribohs actually reveal anything about the pack you are about to open?


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What I've found to be the most consistent correlation between the aesthetics before one opens a pack and the rarity of its contents is the display of eyes and a rainbow color resonance.
The combination of Kuribohs, the resonance of color coming off the pack, and the eyes displayed are all generated randomly with the rareness of the pack determining the likelihood of how intense each will be.
it's random XD you see if you get a SR or UR or ritual etc when you slice the pack open and you get one of them animations like a yellow flash etc. open enough packs and you'll get to notice wich animation belongs to what kind of card type/rarity
They're just ornaments and decoration. It's added purely for cosmetic reasons.
"they troll you", this.
They troll you, I got 3 kuribohs several time only to get dissapointed the packs I opened only contains rares
kuribohs are meant to hint that what you're getting may be something more valuable than common, like a glossy, rare etc.
The more animated the kuriboh, supposedly the higher the value of the the card you are getting.
However the game DOES troll you quite a bit by sometimes showing major kuriboh animations and then later you get absolutely nothing. This BS is particularly common when you've been buying lots of packs. They know your desperation and fk around with you by giving you false alarm.
Yes, the more kuribohs and visual effects in general (like rainbow lights and the character face flash) the more likely you are to pull a UR or SR card. It is not guaranteed I dont think, but its very very likely you will get at least SR when you get the giant kuriboh pop out, rainbow lights, character and onomatopoeia showing.

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