Domino effect+malice doll of demise

Just made a deck with these cards,but for some reason the malice doll doesnt return after being sent to the graveyard by domino this a bug or just how its intended to be?


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Very sure the anon talking about Ectoplasmer was talking about its synergy with Malice Doll, not about Domino Effect.
This is what I got from Yugiohwikia:
You can only activate the Special Summoning effect of "Malice Doll of Demise" during your first Standby Phase after it was sent to the Graveyard by the effect of a Continuous Spell Card. If you miss that, you cannot then activate the Special Summoning effect later on. If there is no Monster Card Zone at the appropriate time, the effect is activated but you cannot Special Summon the "Malice Doll of Demise", so its effect disappears. Also there are 3 continuous spell works with this so far. Ectoplasmer, Infected Mail and Destruction Punch
Domino Effect doesn't have an effect that sends a monster you control to the Graveyard, it's a cost. (Ironically, it will trigger if your opponent destroys your Malice Doll with their own Domino Effect, lol.) It's weird they gave us Malice Doll right now, actually. There are currently no cards in Duel Links that will trigger your own Malice Doll, aside from The World Tree destroying it, lol. That being said, there aren't many in the TCG, either.

Incidentally, the other guy's logic is flawed since Ectoplasmer doesn't destroy anything.
It's because Domino Effect is send your monsters to GY not destroyed. Since Malice Doll is triggered when you destroy it. Ectoplasmer works well so far but It still not playable. Til now no combo support for Malice Doll

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This deck is the worst shit ever created
Ya but worse ATK
can you even give your opponent montage with lost world on the field? does shiens spy target?
Wow, absolutely no one replies to him in-duel... not even Judai. They just all say their generic ...
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