Any idea on when will be the next structure deck sale?

Got two Destiny HERO structure decks already (500 gems+sleeve bundle). Looking forward to get the 3rd one but I'm saving my gems/cash for the Chazz deck later this month. I'm really low on money though and the mat bundle would cost about $5 in my currency so I might wait a bit more if there's a possibly sale incoming.


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d-Hero will be tier 0 next main Pack
Well, if u have thoise d-hero decks why borther with a chazz deck ? :D
Mid year.

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This card will be extremely useful once we get Kalin and the Infernity cards - This card is an ea...
Lol No, dude. It is really just a brief letdown that I get for a little bit after each news updat...
Got to Legend for my first time with this set up.
i want a second copy of majesty with eyes of blue
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