Effect damage vs bakura

I'm trying to unlock Yami bakura as a playable character but, for the deal 3000 effect damage in duels vs bakura quest the effect of my destiny hero dogma isn't counting towards the number please help!

15days ago


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7days ago
You can use Flame Wingman too.
13days ago
All effect damage mist be dealt in a single game. I recomend E Hero Lady Heat.
13days ago
Just use a spell/trap card that takes away opponent life points in damage it’ll add up to 3,000
14days ago
Destiny HERO - Dogma doesn't inflict damage. It works similarly to a card like Heroic Gift. It just sets their LP value to half of what it was.
15days ago
Use a vassal combo(either union attack or gift of martyr and/or ryoku) with a big ATK monster. It's pretty easy. Unhappy Ra deck can do it easily.

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ho ass bitch ass tea stingy asf with this card keeping them all to herself i had 3 of her UR'...
autoduel refuses to play this card
Anyone else wanna cry cause the drop rate kinda sucks. I really hate these kind of farming events...
Can i replace one Trunade whith one Anti Magic Arrows?
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