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If you make it to KoG this competitive season it says that you’ll be invited to the 2nd Stage of the KC next month. When you get invited to the 2nd stage, does that mean you miss out on all the rewards when leveling up DLv. 1-20 in Stage 1? I want to do the KoG route but only if you still get access to those rewards.


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You still get all level up rewards
With Sea stealth attack decks on ultra 0 tier?

Unbalanced you mean.
With Sea stealth attack decks on ultra 0 tier?

Unbalanced you mean.
yes you can still participate in stage 1. reaching kog before kc cup gives you a free-pass to stage 2
While I wasn't a KoG, it should be so: You can still grind levels in Stage 1, but you don't need it like someone who isn't KoG invited to participate in Stage 2.

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