Missing cards from Servant of Kings

When I go into the shop, it only show Man-Eater Bug as a UR, only three possible SRs, one Rare and none of normal cards. It seems that the update didn't work properly as the duel puzzles using these cards treat them all as monster cards (including the spell card in the 3 star duel puzzle). I was wondering if anyone knew a fix for this?


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This has happened to me before, I believe if you just reset the box it'll be fine
HAHAHAHA you must have won the cards, now reset or continue until all
Any screenshots?
Use data transfer in settings to save your data and reinstall the game?

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I am F2P and spend 1-2 hours a day on average (sometimes more sometimes less. Way more in my firs...
Yusei Fudo is going to be my character until his level is maxed out at 40 :)
The 5D's manga was perhaps the worst manga of all the Yugioh series. At least Zexal had pret...
" Anonymous 1hour ago close reply Lol yea I literally cried every time I see a crying baby ...
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