Ranks in KoG?

Is there a way to increase your rank after king of games?

I mean something like being in a higher top % from the king of games playerbase?

For example if 1000 players (random number) are in king of games.
That you can aim to be in the top 10% of that ladder.


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shut the fuck up you scrub you've never reached KoG before
If you achieve 1000 victories you eanr the title "God of Games" (GOG). And the final rank, with 1500 victories: "Pimp of Games"
no you idiot
Or better yet, wait for KC cup, then you'll really get to aim for those top 100 spots
Nope, just wait for next season

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This will work really well with Amazoness decks.
please don't be rude, he/she just asking.
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