Is there a way to increase the chance to get a UR card in a pack?

I need a Floodgate and SM8.


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Don't listen to the person saying to buy one pack and reset the box, that will reduce the chances of you getting a UR card drastically. In fact doing what that person says will probably mean you never get a UR card.

Each time a card you want isn't in a pack you open the chances of it being in one of the packs you open after increases.

If you want to get a certain card then you need to keep opening packs without resetting the box until you eventually get the card you want.
Unfortunately there's no way. it's all about RNG. (e.g) Once, i tried to get my 3rd soul exchange, i got it plus all the 3rd UR on the Valkarie's Rage, in just 68 packs deep. But when i want to pull only Mirror Wall, for the 3rd copies, i had to open until 10 packs left in Neo Impact.
just pray more to increase the chance to get UR
It deepends how the game is constructed.

* If there is a set chance for the card (say 10%) to be a UR, the card would be drawn out of the available card pool AFTER the rng-roll. And alost nothing could be changed about the "chance" besides keep drawing until you drawn them all.

* If the UR is randomly pulled out of a pile, without a pre-determed roll, then it deepends on the size of the pile. The more you take away, the higher your chance will be to draw the card you want the next time. Simply put, don't reset the box if you haven't got it yet.

Buy one pack and reset the box
Juz quit if u don hav money
Yea, it's called buy packs until you get it. And if you're down to little to no SRs and URs, the only thing remaining is the UR you need. A few more pack buys and you'll get what you want.

No there isn't anyway, it's konami dude, they are money hungry.
My trick has got me ultimate dragon, 3 silent magicians level 8, levia deadelus, all the cards in echos of silence. But if i told you, it wouldnt be my trick
There is
v lol if you summon Lava Golem on your parents you can't summon your monster this turn except you play Dakini/Red-Eyes. Ok.. serious answer, you can do it. Go to work for Konami's duellinks team. Rank up your position to the point that you can accept you push code. Change it to check for you duellinks id and give all UR for yourself in the first few pack. You can even have 100% UR chance and this is valid solution.

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