When will god card be added to the game?

When will god card be added to the game? I mean obelisk the tormentor and slifer the sky dragon and the winged dragon of ra


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How dare you think that dueling with the gods is IMPOSSIBLE. I have both RA and SLIFER in one deck. I have an opening in it for obelisk when he comes out too. So who wants to try out my SLIFER AND RA deck? My duelist id is 889 850 490. Add me and when im online i will accept and duel
I think it would be a good idea.
They're horrible cards, don't worth adding it in the game, there are 8K+ cards better than them to add in the game.
your mother's vagina
please don't nerf this game by putting those things in it
It sounds like the next Marik event may have it. He may run the Winged Dragon of Ra, but it won't be obtainable (pure speculation, but that's what it sounds like.)
How dare u think u r like yugi dueling with god cards
Horrible Idea.
Necrovalley wya
Whenever all the cunt Decks may be countered like Cyber Angels, and when the more new Meta becomes released. New packs are coming before the 3 Egyptian God Cards. I'd like to theorize that there could be one of each card in the whole game and whoever puts it into their deck would lose the card when they lose the duel with the Egyptian God Card.

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Note: this card had an errata and now his effect dont target(its a spellbook of judgment but as m...
Maybe you can tell us, are they using the same deck? Espa from event vs at the gate?
Jaden has lines for Dark Law and MC2 (probably for CPU only). But you are right, highly doubt the...
what's deck work in 31 floor or high ?
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