What happens when connection is lost during downloading the initial data??

I lost connection many times and everytime I have to restart from the very beginning even though I almost downloaded like 90%.. can it just resume from where it stopped??


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11days ago
so if I close the app on my pc and open it what do I click to continue from where it was?
It will resume per-part. If you disconnect at 90% on 11/20 parts, you will restart again at 0% on 11/20 parts instead of start over from the beginning (1/20)
cant disconnect while downloading

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It's not about being overpowered. The fact is that many have chosen Duel Links over Duel Ge...
if you know what i mean *cough* yubel *cough*
How the hell is Clear Mind not a Skill?
Stop that (Aster lover)
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