What is needed to improve Fusion?

Which cards should be added in future packs to make fusion more viable/meta? What else can improve the fusion theme?

Cards I suggest

- Re-Fusion

- King Dragoon

- Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon

- Fusion Reserve

- Terraforming

- Elemental HERO Prisma

- Fusion Conscription

Other suggestions :

- A Skill that always lets you start with a polymerization in your starting hand from outside the deck.

- More slots for the extradeck

What do you guys think? Please comment.


Answer List

30days ago
Fusion Tag might be good.
This aren't fusion cards but please make the frog cards a bit stromen by putting a view monster cards in the game like: tradetoad (R), amphibian angel-frog-heal (UR), swap frog (SR ore R)

And please put a view New spell/trap cards of them in the game like: frog resurrection (R), frog calling (R), des evolution (SR).
Than as third card from last massage pot of greed: (UR/SR) for in the box ore at leveling up by lv 50 reward by leveling up jaden yuki
Ad New cards by card trader sugestion: fusion time (UR), elemental hero prisma (SR),

ayers rock sunrise (I now it isn't a fusion/fusion suport card but it is a good card (SR) also vor in cars trader.

New box sugestion: king dragun (UR), elemental hero wild wingman (R/SR), Terraforming (R), Power bond (SR/UR).

Than 3 cards what havn't somting to do with fusion/fusion suport but are good cards: spell binding circul (UR) also vorm in box or by yugi moto or yami yugi level up reward at lv 50.

Than ring of destruction (SR,UR) also for in box ore by level up sebastion lv 50 card reward.

If you are creatief a box with fusion cards in it or for card trader than put it so: in box: Power bond (SR), King dragoon (UR) or blue-eyes twin burst dragon (UR)
, re-fusion (SR), terraforming (R), elemental hero wild wingman (R) because there also need normal cards in the box spell binding circul (UR), ayers rock sunrise (SR). Card trader: time fusion (UR) elemental hero prisma (SR).
King dragoon (UR), Power bond (SR), time fusion (UR) or re-fusion (SR) and with both of them terraforming (R) and then 3 not fusion cards spell binding circul (UR), ayers rock sunrise (SR) and ring of destruction (SR,UR) and Give Zane a special skill that he gets the fusion spell card future fusion.
King dragoon, Power bond, time fusion, blue-eyes twin burst dragon
There are 4 cards defenitly need to Come in yugioh duel links 1. Time fusion (UR) 2. Power bond (SR) 3. King dragoon (SR or UR) 4. Blue eyes twin burst dragon (SR) and 2 cards what have nothing to do with fusion. 1. Spell binding circul (UR) 2. Ayers rock sunrise (SR). And a card what have to do somting with fusion and also not terraforming (R)
Creat a event about waking the dragon that you van play against ravael and get one of the legendary dragons (UR cards) and that you can get the spell card orichalcos (UR)
Place in the fusion box also amazones Cage (SR) and illusion gate (UR). And Power bond (SR) and ayers rock sunrise (SR) + spell binding circul (UR) and King dragoon (UR)

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