What is needed to improve Fusion?

Which cards should be added in future packs to make fusion more viable/meta? What else can improve the fusion theme?

Cards I suggest

- Re-Fusion

- King Dragoon

- Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon

- Fusion Reserve

- Terraforming

- Elemental HERO Prisma

- Fusion Conscription

Other suggestions :

- A Skill that always lets you start with a polymerization in your starting hand from outside the deck.

- More slots for the extradeck

What do you guys think? Please comment.


Answer List

At least 2 more fusion slots
Fusion Time does not make a plus! ...what is despretly needed, becouse every fusionsummon makes a minus 2, while u only start with 4 cards in total. Also its conditioned to u loosing 1500 LP. A constistant fusiondeck already requieres u to have so many cards in the deck, that u wont be able to pack enough protection in it to make "Fusion time" useful at all. (Unless u just use the gemini fusion) BTW im talking about legend ranks. That skill is by far not good enough to preform good against the actuel meta.
You already have the Fusion Time! skill. I think that skill is more than good enough to make a fusion deck work.
E-Hero Prisma.
Elemental HERO Prisma
miracle fusion
The big problem here is consistency. We need to have a way, in which we always start with something to fusionsummon. I guess u can just balance + 2 polys and 3 recycling factorys. But then u wont be able to play spells like de-fusion or fusion recovery at all.

They need to improve the "fusionmaster" skill. So you always start the duel with Polymerization in your hand, instead of drawing it, when u take the right amout of damage.
The Omni Hero and Masked Hero

D-Hero Dystopia

Neo-Spacian and Contact Fusion support

Roid and Cyber Fusion with Power Bond

And all fusion related GX archetypes

I think terraforming is too much for the current meta right now

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What's up boy i'm here from the future i'm here to tell you that burn will rule du...
Okay. I'll give those changes a try and see how I feel. Thanks!
CHANCELLOR often provide me a dead hand. He is a nomi, and since you cant synchro summon yet, it...
we need this
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