Missing activation timing?

I have read up on this but I am unsure if its fully clear to me.

Could someone confirm or correct me?
Or possibly explain a bit more or direct me to recommendable explanation sites?

So far I understand it as:

Only optional effects can miss.

You can recognize them by having " can.." written.
Does not apply to non optional "when".

They miss if they are not last in the chain.
For example tributes and econ on Botanica girl.

This is correct?

Am i "missing" anything? :P


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if you tribute "Pinch Hopper" you miss the activation, happened to me several times
Ive noticed that if you tribute "Blue dragon summoner", you can still use his optional effect, where as with "Peten the darkk clown" you get the missed activation timing prompt. Is it cause "peten" has the added effect of having to banish himself first where as blue dragon summoner just straight up does his effect without banishing, etc??
well what the fuck is this rule misleading shit! I have dark desertapir for it awesome effect, now there is a rule for " when " for optional effect, how can someone know that? there is no tutorial to teach that missing timing bullshit at all!!??!?!
The reason why people specify it has to be "the last thing to happen". Is because there are some events like the summon of monsters that don't start a chain that also affect activation timing. Say you tribute Peten for another monster? Last thing to happen was the tribute summon so Peten misses his activation timing.
Optional effects "when... you can..." can miss the timing of activation, in this case its activation requirements need to be the last thing to happen, if they don't, then it misses the timing.

E.g.: Botanical Girl has an optional effect "when", its activation requierements are reached when it is sent from the field to graveyard, but when this card is tributed for a tribute summon, the last thing to happen is the monster being summoned, so Botanical Girl misses the timing of activation.

Mandatory effects and optional effects "if" never miss the timing, they will be activated in the first opportunity possible.
you have to chain that card that you want to activate to chain link 1 or else the effect wont activate had to learn this the hard way

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