Will Yugo and Clear Wing Synchro Dragon be released anytime soon?

We already got Yuya and Yuto but now it’s time to bring Yugo to Duel Links especially cause I love clear wing


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Yeah but idk where to get event points
No Yugoslavia for you, sorry
On the next time on DBZ
In the year 2525
In the year 2023 likely since Yuto have been announced this year.
Nobody knows

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How do I use trap cards 8 & 10 times respectively in one duel to unlock Lumis and Umbra & Odion?

I made a deck with mostly trap cards and counted how many times I used them before I ended the du...

Is cheating legal?

Not for PvP. Only for single player.

Elemental hero sunrise

I have UR ticket dream card and i cannot get with it Elemental hero rising

Auto duel and farm beginner

Any F2p auto duel and farm decklists for beginner?

Esta Rainbow neos

Por que faltan cartas en esta juego

Jerry Beans Man

Is there another form to this card? Based on flavor text seems like there is or will be. Also any...

How does Naturia beans work with Spirit forest?

Say I have both on the field, they both triggef due to the imminent destruction of beans, can I u...


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can anyone tell me how solve this mission? i already did many times win by deck out victory by ch...
You can duel me but I won't play fairly 514-721-160
Should be limited to 1 because it does not have once per turn.
I'm stuck on the tutorial for the vagrants I get to the shop screen and then no matter where...
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