How can i get harpie’s hunting ground ?


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27days ago
I'm with stupid
I don't have to answer the questions of dumb n00bs you stupid idiot.
Why don't you answer it, hypocrite?
Then why don't you answer the question, idiot?
"Buy on 16th Main Box: Blackstorm Rising or just use Mai skill"
I think the POINT of why he was asking is that he wants to know how to get the skill itself and not the card, you dumb @$$. If he already has mai's skill, he wouldn't be asking this question. M0r0n.
Buy on 16th Main Box: Blackstorm Rising or just use Mai skill

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6 Million Points now & 3 copies of Borreload Furious Dragon and 5 copies of Silverrokket Drag...
No, it's in the same row, so it's 44th. Don't ask why, as I dunno either.
The only thing dark magician needs is magicians soul in duel links and a decent skill maybe
Paradox 39
You do realise this is not an official Konami site or anything right? Who are you asking? xD
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