Who do you think will be the new unlockable character of the DM world?

I was wondering if there are any canon characters that might still have an unlock event in the DM world as I have no idea who still has a chance to have an DM world character unlock event


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Marik Ishtar, Bakura Ryo, and Grandpa Muto are still on the table. There's also a remote possibility of one-off characters like PaniK and Strings. But if we're daring to dream with no holds barred I would love to see Pharaoh Atem become playable!
Lord Farquaad is confirmed as the next DM character
How bout John Claud Magnum?
Rebecca Hawkins?
If canon you mean Joey Wheeler hot sister, then yes
I was about to say dartz till i noticed you said canon lol. idk isnt DM pretty much done? I suppose they could add Zigfried von Schroeder or Gozaburo Kaiba but im not sure if ether of them is considered "canon" ether
We all have been asking for this. There are still many characters in DM but Konami likes to prioritize newer world as the character pools are lesser than DM or GX.

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Seems like he's "stucked" in elementary school
Give me 5 and ill be checking anything U want babes all day and night ;)
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