Card is "0" stars and has no text?

Hello all,

Started playing this game and recently purchased a Yugi structure deck. When I went to see what the cards do some of them display "0" stars and no text whether it be a trap, spell or monster card.

Sorry for asking such a newb question. Hoping someone can answer my question. Thanks in advance

6days ago


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4days ago
Thats a bug in your game it happens when game data isnt downloaded correctly and currently it can only be fixed by reinstalling the game or deleting the contents of /data/data/jp.konami.duellinks/files that should (havent tried it) make the game redownload the game files again while preserving your log in data but that requires a rooted phone
6days ago
It sound like a image corruption.You should email an image to the customer service

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Come on we speak english.. not indo. Do u still think we are one of your mates?
That's why I suggest bringing in a chivalry or divine wrath. Sphere Kuribo will be negated w...
Yes it always seemed these decks are not playing fair...
my new improved deck with 99% consistency in level 40. enjoy yo...
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