Anyone getting frustrated with the amount of cheating in pvp


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Welcome to Duel Links mf!
Without cheating the game is not that great, too much uncertainty, i prefer knowing what face down back row my opponent has set so that i can destroy the most useful one and not worry about playing the guessing game.
You also have a 4th option:
d) Go to a random fan site and write a complaint that won't change anything.

Oh wait, you already did that...
You have 3 options:
a) Stay away from PVP. This way, the cheaters will just play against themselves.
b) Cheat.
c) Uninstall the game.
I let you decide what is the smarter solution.
There's an easy solution: Use cheats too. When everyone is cheating, it is a fair game again.

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Yeah I'll take the bait. I'm just gonna pull her then leave.
I'd argue that Master Duel is even worse
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