Rampant cheating in Duel links

Noticed a lot in this game of people start losing then there is a massive stall in their draw phase followed by them getting the card they need to win.

Been suspecting for longest while now that there are a ton of cheating going on in pvp matches.

Another thing notice is how suddenly when you start winning that the amount of time you have to play on your turn drops to like 20 seconds with some players and u have to hurry up and make reckless moves to continue playing.

Konami never will address these issues but how are people getting around Konami and cheating so much in this game?


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1000% games littered with people modding and cheating.
Read the field spell of the Gaia deck
How do I know if this was a mod?: I went to pvp on Platinum rank to find this Gaia user with 8 winstreak, I got first turn with kiteroid, so I ended my turn. He summoned Gaia the Dragon Champion and used Dragon Mirror to banish his cards in graveyard and summoned another Gaia the Dragon Champion, he didn't activate and effect/spell/trap; he attacked directly and there was no option of using kiteroid's effect. Do I report him or am I crazy :-(
Hiring a k!ller is way too expensive though. You must either be very rich or you're a liar.
They're just role-playing Yugioh. Heart of the cards, man.
Or maybe they don't know AND they don't care
The worst part is that Konami knows and they aren't doing anything about it. But don't send them a message about this or you'll get banned. Only positive reviews and comments can be made on Duel Links.

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Yeah I'll take the bait. I'm just gonna pull her then leave.
I'd argue that Master Duel is even worse
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