Shouldn't Karma Cut be a hard counter to Harpies??

Like, if you Karma cut Harpie Cyber Lady, since it becomes Harpie Lady on the field or in GY, shouldn't it also banish other Harpie cards which also are named Harpie Lady in GY?


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12days ago
The banish zone is the reason. Any monster in the banish zone will use the original name unless modified by an effect. That is why Karma Cut can only banish 1 monster.
16days ago
You have to banished either cyber harpie lady (always treated as Harpie Lady) or any of the 3 numbered Harpie Ladies for it to work. Problem is that this will usually happen at the beginning of the duel so the OP's graveyard will most likely be empty.
As a Harpie user I suggest you use Number 18 its the perfect counter. I use it when im first in a mirror match and use one of my HL on the field to start the madness.
Not really, read karma cut again:

"....banish that target, THEN banish all cards with the same name as that monster from your opponent's Graveyard."

Karma cut banishes then checks the name of the card banished immediately after that, harpie oracle for example is not treated as Harpy Lady in the banish zone, since in the banish zone she is Harpie oracle karma cut searches for another Harpie oracle in the gy
But even when you manage to karma cut a cyber harpie, the harpies that were already in the GY don't get banish, even though they're all treated as Harpie Lady in the GY
Yes, if you banish any card that is always treated as HL, all other cards treated as HL will get banished too.

But I wouldn't say that it's a hard counter. They might still have some HL in their decks and might be able to search them.

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