Anyone getting frustrated with the amount of cheating in pvp

Feels like there is no point at all dueling in this game when you are more likely to run into a cheater than someone legit playing fairly.


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Sometimes, but I am more frustrated when you get the first turn, which means you instantly highly probability lose the game.

Konami should've brought the first-turn player starting with 5 cards. imo
The police says hello
The police says hello
Haha, keep complaining losers. You can kiss my cheating A$$ while I destroy you before you even draw a card. So long $UCKER$.
You right. I live in a major metro area in a western country with supposedly great telecom/wifi/etc. I don't use cheat tools and I rarely even get to play my first card before the duel "times me out" or simply declares I lost. Konami and Co. simply DO NOT CARE.
Nobody likes cheating but everyone does it. I always cheat. I like cheating.
The kind of cheat tools that allow you to cheat
But what kind of cheat tools?
Cheating? How? You can't exactly enter the Konami code in this game y'know.
What form is this perceived cheating taking?

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