You can't chain Cybernetic Overload?

I was dueling when this guy searched his cybernetic overload. I was confident that as soon as he banishes for cost I'll have the opportunity to use Forbidden Lance on my monster and protect it, but it never even gave me the chance to chain, it just destroyed everything. So, you can't chain cybernetic overload?


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I know. She's so embarrassing.
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Don't talk about your forbidden lance. Children might read this.
But it didn't even give me the chance to use it. That's the point. I had my Forbidden Lance ready to go and couldn't even activate it.
Read the card. If you don't negate the activation, the banishing for cost happens when resolving the card's effect.
For clarification:
#DuelReplay #DuelLinks
Is this how this works? First time here.
You can
Will need to further clarify.

Did you set your card first before opp activate cybernetic overflow?

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Yeah I'll take the bait. I'm just gonna pull her then leave.
I'd argue that Master Duel is even worse
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