Cheating by Timeout

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how can I contact a GM? I was to win a duel draw a card and lost the duel automatically. I'm 100% sure that there was enough time left. My internet connection was also up at this time.


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lol whenever someone uses an unoriginal op meta deck i let them wait 200 secs before surrendering. boring b**tards need to come up with deck of their own
you cant really do anything when these chinese chingchong zipperheads cheat at you!
time limit loss is a cheat using gameguard apps i knew that because im using that cheat too to instantly become kog and increase my dp in kc cup to be in rank 100
it glitches not a cheater you people are mega dumb
i don't now , what i now is that i face it 2 in my winning turn enough time left and boom lose to a time loss or dc loss or just instant loss out off no were . i am sure it is a cheat and its never wen you are loosing .
100% cheat. Sometimes it's just a glitch. How can someone set a card then delayed for 2 minutes before something like this happened.
Not necessarily a cheat.
I myself won a few duels after being completely lost and suddenly won the duel by I don't know what.
I think it's just random game glitches.
Just click the report button on the duel ranked game history.
Seriously? There is no GM,this shit isn't RPG game on computer.
Been having the same thing happen to me. Like 3 times now

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