Duel Links error launching on Android

Just got a new phone (Galaxy J3) and downloaded Duel Links on it but when I launch it just black screens and when I click it does a frozen clicking animation from the Duel Links game. No error message shows up, it just stays stuck like that. When I try to back out a Duel Links notification box shows up on screen but it's completely blank with no options

How do I fix this?

12days ago


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10days ago
I've reinstalled several times and no change. My previous phone was a Samsung On5 and I had zero trouble with DL. I have the pc version but I commute a lot for work and want to be able to play anytime on the go
11days ago
12days ago
I don't know. I have had problems with it on my LG phone. But I didn't think it would be bad on a Galaxy. Ever since I switched to Steam, it has been SO much better! The stupid app on my phone had started crashing a lot and suddenly stopped telling me whenever I got a call or text while I was playing. People were like, "Where were you!? Why didn't you answer the phone!?" So I had to switch.

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You should try this: 3x Amazoness Swords Woman 3x Winged Kuriboh(set it) 3x Kuriboh/Sphere K...
i hope this will be true
i use a similar deck to farm level 40 it has a win rate of more than 90%
I guess Joey is really lucky. Got just enough equip cards to power up my monster and destroy Ra o...
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