Colored names in PvP?

I sometimes face people with a name in red characters and others in orange. What does that necessarily mean?

13days ago


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5days ago
orange means the user has achieved platinum or legend status

red means the user has paid over $100 to konami for cards
10days ago
orange names are neither platinum and legend,

red names is a king of games (KoG).
11days ago
Red meant they're being asshole and got banned.
13days ago
orange is plat/legend and red is king of games
13days ago
It depends on the Ladder Rank.

Platinum is orange i think and Legend is red, but i'm not sure. But it has to do with the Rank.

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Are you sure just the npc can use them? If yes, it isnt problem then. :)
You should try this: 3x Amazoness Swords Woman 3x Winged Kuriboh(set it) 3x Kuriboh/Sphere K...
i hope this will be true
i use a similar deck to farm level 40 it has a win rate of more than 90%
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