Why can't I summon cosmo brain turn 1 ?

I am playing blue eyes deck with arkana and cosmo brain combo.
However, since today, I can't summon cosmo brain on turn 1 even if I have blue eyes in my hand. each time, it's like he has no effect


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To those saying "Read skill description", have you already read it? Where does it say I cannot use it at first turn?
Read skill's description.
thank you dr bakaba, THANK YOU
The skill was changed in March. Same with Last Gamble. Konami did that to stop this but you can summon Cosmo Brain on the second turn afterward.

Mostly to stop the exact thing you're trying to do.

Though Konami did put the reasoning very delicately.
Look at Arkanas Skill you playin
dead meta
The skill was changed long time ago.
Now you can't special summon on your first turn if you are using that skill

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