Wild Tornado vs Twister

Whats better of those and which pros and cons do they have while comparing them?


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LOL, the stupidity in reading skills in this particular thread is OVERWHELMING. Only one right answer, ahaha!
Comments below were made by baddies who don't even know the effects of the cards. Wild Tornado can't hit field spells by its normal activation, so Twister is generally superior. Use Wild Tornado if you're also running Storm. I have no idea what the guy below means by "Use Straight Flush."
Use Straight Flush if you are going to use Tornado.
Sorry I was wrong, there is 1 Difference: Tornado can destroy face-down card, Twister can't.
Twister is in my opinion better. Tornado requires your opponent to have 3 card in their spell/trap card zone, not gonna happen a lot, and even if it did happen, you can only destroy 1. Twister on the other hand is easier to activate since you only need to pay LP for it. There are no other pros and con apart from the above-mentioned since their characteristics are the same that their both spell card and both quick play card.

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This will work really well with Amazoness decks.
please don't be rude, he/she just asking.
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