Rock, Paper, Scissor pls Konami?

I'd rather have Rock, Paper, Scissor to decide who's going first/second.
Even if i lose, at least i know it is not RNG from the system (that could be rigged).

What's your opinion guys?


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why would the coin toss be rigged? You f**king idiot? why do you think it would favour some other player instead of you?
You're seriously moronic.
RPS online is essentially random. It's almost completely random the first attempt (I guess the default option would be SLIGHTLY more common out of laziness), and you'd need to know how your opponent plays the game to make any strategies from that point, at which point they could still just pick at random.

Coin flips are much quicker and more random. There's no real reason to replace them. Konami has nothing to gain making you, random user #45,351,112, 7% less likely to go first.
Ignore the repetitive spam comments...Also I also think that Rock, Paper, Scissors should be implemented, Even Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal World Duel Carnival had that,
rock paper scissor is still somewehat rng...
and some people will take forever to choose r/p/s. The coin flip system isnt rigged, thats just confirmation bias.

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