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Counter Gate trap card only on some DSOD matches does cunter gate work on normal matches or characters matches when i used counter gate and drew a monster card it did not summon the monster on Dark Side Of Demenisions matches it worked just fine.


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Can we have a new mode of trading cards
Are you sure you draw a monster that can be "normal summoned" at that time? If you draw a monster which need tribute(s) to be normal summoned and you don't have any on your field, well, you can't summon it.
yes but now draw so cant monster card from DSOD match counter work when used not summon just work

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Why is that Bending destiny didnt activate?

Bending destiny didnt activate on spellbook of fate i only have every on my field.


I clicked on the download not realizing what it could do, and now it's downloading 600+ mb o...

Effect of Six samurais Fuma cannot be used when Shi En is destroy by BM-4

I have only 1 Shi En on my field and Fuma is in my graveyard. My opponent summons BM-4 and uses i...


Can I use lesser fiend to unlock scud?

Stuck on Stage 6 of DSOD World

Anyone know how to achieve this step of DSOD stage 6? "Use Level 5 or higher monster 3time(...

Anyone know what deck yugi muto use when vs yami yugi at the beginning unlock dsod deck?

Silent swordman + silent magician deck. Anybody have a recipe?

Is Jaden/Yubel event coming again soon?

In the last Yubel event we got the new skill of Jaden/Yubel in the prizes from beating the king o...

Deck made by the game makes no sense

Hi, today I used the option on the game that automatically creates a deck for you. Unfortunately,...

How i win Against Leo lvl 30 in 5 turns?

I mean it's really hard to win on only 5 turns, you have to be always first and have a good ...

Will you make a divine dragon lord felgrand

Are you planing on uploading the divine dragon lords to duel links in tne future?


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later, pal.
very traumatized people talk about money 24/7. All day long. It's very dis-gusting, how ...
terrible players want to BAN everything that beast them, freaking everything. what a group of ...
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