Anyone know what deck yugi muto use when vs yami yugi at the beginning unlock dsod deck?

Silent swordman + silent magician deck. Anybody have a recipe?


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Also can you get the Yami Yugi deck from the same duel?
/ How did you get the whole list? (I'm the anom who first replied)
Here you go
also tf do you mean "Dont buy" "dont play" its notta fucking pay to win or play. get your god damn facts straight before i beat your child
that and Konami is a part of Yugioh Duel links. if you are That stupid that you have to say that so many times i think you should kys
fcuk you anoymous they have a good game
I remember seeing Swords of Revealing Light Silent Sword Slash and both Silents. But I'm pretty sure someone will eventually post the whole deck.

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How can you not notice the broken combo this leads to? Ok, I'm done with trolls here, I&#...
As a Zombie, I feel personally offended by your comment.
Use 3 of them to easily not OTK your opponent
Idk if I read this correct but IMO Blue Eyes is a horrible match up for Cyber Dragon. Once you fi...
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