Will you make a divine dragon lord felgrand

Are you planing on uploading the divine dragon lords to duel links in tne future?


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This isn't an official konami site you moron.
1. This is not an offical site and has no say in what cards are added to the game.

2. Divine Dragon Lord Felgrand has card text that specifically mentions ranks. I do not believe there is precedent for a card with a direct reference to a non-existent mechanic being added to the game. (And with the release schedule so far Xyz/Ranks is at least a year away)
First of all Konami doesn't run this site so no one is gonna be able to tell you for sure.

Assuming you mean the lvl 7/8 dragon based graveyard recursion deck from the Rise of the True Dragon Lords structure deck in the TCG, they've been dripping in pieces of it for some time. We have Arkbrave, the paladins, Keeper, some of the chaos dragons, and Rise of the dragon lords. Already have plenty of blue eyes to splash in to make it competitive. Only important pieces left are Red Eyes Darkness Metal, Return of the Dragon Lords, and the Felgrand retrain as a boss monster.
Never even heard of this no name deck before

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