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Is there anytime when Axel Brodie (GX) will be released as a playable character? It's been too long that his ace card has been released in a box. It's also insulting that volcanic Doomfire is there for you to purchase and there's no easy way to summon it. We really need cards like:
1. Volcanic scattershot
2. Wild fire
3. Blaze Accelerator Reload
4. Volcanic counter, etc.

11days ago


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6days ago
Scattershot's mass destruction and burn effect is way too good for the game atm. I don't think we're gonna see it or Axel for a very long time to come
9days ago
Still hoping he could be added to the game since we don't have Volcanic Queen. However, Duel Links tends to limit effect damage cards, which a lot of his FIRE cards do, so that may be why he won't appear.

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The neos version is better with that plant monster
And also the aztekipede card only appeared for me once only. Wtf I want more copies of it
They dont want to break META
Keep working hard, lads. Note that we don't pay you if you fail to post at least 50 spams a ...
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