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Is there anytime when Axel Brodie (GX) will be released as a playable character? It's been too long that his ace card has been released in a box. It's also insulting that volcanic Doomfire is there for you to purchase and there's no easy way to summon it. We really need cards like:
1. Volcanic scattershot
2. Wild fire
3. Blaze Accelerator Reload
4. Volcanic counter, etc.


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Scattershot's mass destruction and burn effect is way too good for the game atm. I don't think we're gonna see it or Axel for a very long time to come
Still hoping he could be added to the game since we don't have Volcanic Queen. However, Duel Links tends to limit effect damage cards, which a lot of his FIRE cards do, so that may be why he won't appear.

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the trap will get limited to 1 i can see it
It was the first meta. In the GOAT days If you don't have them you lose in the tournament. I...
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