Magician Navigation

Is Magician Navigation cannot be active on battle phase to negate magic/trap?

Here, i used magician navigation on enemy end phase to sp.summon 2 dark my Magician Navigaton in my Gy..on my next next turn n battle phase (onward) enemy active canadia n other trap on battle phase N I CANNOT USE MY MAGICIAN NAVIGATION to negate!!!

So my next question,what Speed Spell is Magician Navigation? Or Magican Navigation Cant be chain?OR magician Navigation Cannot be active on battle phase to negate? On duellink gamea Magician Navigation is Quick Effect,so i think its Speed Spell 2..


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If you want to hear the answer from us you should describe more particularly.
"...enemy active canadia n other trap..."
What was the other trap is? It's really important because many cases might happen.

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Not surprised there. The game reached a point of no return already for F2P. Not sure anything can...
It might be crazy with mayakashi.
Skill: Titan Showdown 3x Demise, King of Armageddon 2x Cyber Angel Dakini 3x senju 3x Sonic B...
This deck is powercrept beyond reasoning, can't do anything once your normal summon dies.
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