confusion about how spikesheld with chain is used when stacked

i was duleing someone on the app and i atacked there def monster with 1000 def with a monster having 1800 atk they used a spikeshield i then used a spikeshield of my own in hopes of lowering the hp i would lose but then they used a second spikeshield and causesing a chain and i ended up with -4100 hp now i can't figer out why i lost so much hp


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spike with chain stacks. it adds 500 attack points on, then it takes your new attack and adds it to your defense. So in your scenario you only gained 500 attack but the monster your attacking just got same 500 boost you did but their new attack was added to their defense. Now if they played a second spike with chain then that would have added another 500 attack. 2 spikes with chains makes dfor very bad day. My favorite way to use card is to play cipher solider and dna surgery then at least on spike with chain easy OTK.

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Nah, not yet. Lightsworn need Judgment Dragon
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I didn't even remember this card exist, even though this is a year 2017 card lol
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