Can We Choose Not to Get Glossy or Prismatic Cards?

I don't if anyone feels this way, but I couldn't care less if the cards are glossy or prismatic. Frankly, they're distracting to me. And the points I get for playing glossy or prismatic cards aren't enough to push me to the next reward threshold. If I could trade my currently glossy and prismatic cards for their basic pleb forms, I would without question. Hell, I'll trade my three prismatic Dark Magician cards for one basic OG Dark Magician card if I could.

I wish Konami could include an option to whether we want to get glossy or prismatic cards, even for cards bought from the store.

11days ago


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4days ago
to give a proper answer: NO!!!
just deal with it, fool.
if they are soooooo distracting just don't play them. foooooool.
you got that, fooooooooooooool?
10days ago
I get you. At first i was annoyed as well but what can you do? The extra result points help a little bit and to be honest i got used to it aftee a while
10days ago
Prismatic cards are common rare to get.

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duel links is dead don't waste money on it
duel links is dead don't waste money on it
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