Bugs with Mask Hero Dian and E-Hero Solid Soldier

Sometimes when you destroy a monster with M-Hero Dian he doesn’t trigger his effect and same with Solid Soldier when you activate Mask Change he doesn’t trigger his “resurrect” effect. I don’t know if this is a card problem or a skill problem with Wounded Hero


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Without being given all the details it's difficult to know for sure what's happening. Can't help with possible bugs but here are a couple reasons those cards wouldn't activate that I've encountered before. (I believe Dian can also miss timing and there might be enemy effects in play though none jump out at me.)

- Dian's effect doesn't work off just destroying a monster it also needs to send it to the graveyard and there are some pretty common cards out there that get (conditionally) banished instead.

- There are a couple E-Hero cards that restrict special summons. Neos Fusion is a blanket special summon block and is quite prevalent but Blazeman's second effect is more obscure and it still allows you to summon fusion monsters so its easier to overlook and to use Solid Solider/Dian's effects.

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Well done Konami. They took some economic lesson from Seto Kaiba himself on how to make money
I was thinking that but then I had my hopes up when I thought that special summoning yourself cou...
PotG means Pot of Greed ? XD
Does this work with blackwings ?
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