what will happen with the card Stronghold the Moving Fortress?

I hope that work as in the manga.....

It also depends on how many people ask for it, in the survey.


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There are only two likely options:
1) It will never get included in Duel Links
2) It will get a Duel-Link-only erratum (like Emerald Tortoise)
It seems interesting, but the I'm pretty sure the card game takes precedence, also we already have the (dsod) retrain for what that's worth.
A skill for yugi DSoD
Maybe as a skill, something as if the three gadgets are in the field.

Activating the skill, placing the card in the field zone (like a Trap Field Monster).
If Stronghold the Moving Fortress is not a Trap Field Monster, how would it work in Duel Links.
1. A Trap Field Monster is very interesting.
Only possible in Duel Links
1. cards never in duel links never work like in the manga and 2. nboody is asking for this card

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Because Blue-Eyes is too strong and most their cards are UR. Heck Blue-Eyes will be more powerful...
*I destroyed Silent magician lv8
Cyber Dragon must be nerfed because it's too strong
nice l like this skill :)
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