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I got 3 UR Dream Tickets, should I go to 2nd Cosmic Cyclone and get 2 Floodgate? Or get 3 Floodgate and stay with just 1 Cosmic Cyclone?


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UR Dream Tickets 2
You can get a Cosmic Cyclone from the Shop buying one of the 'special' deals for about $6. Given that the UR ticket has a estimated value of ~$100 or more (the amount you'd have to pay to pull a UR from a main box, on average), it would make sense to get something else. I'd try and build whatever deck you want to build and then see what you're missing and use the ticket to fill in the gap, OR use it on cards that aren't easily available elsewhere (i.e. not in the specials or the selection boxes, e.g. Paleo Canadia)
get draw cards like DW Dealing.
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get 3 Axe Raiders
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Floodgate is good too, but right now Cosmic Cyclone is the best backrow-removal, so you should get at least 1 more Cyclone
I got 3 UR Dream Tickets, should I go to 2nd Cosmic Cyclone and get 2 Floodgate? Or get 3 Floodgate and stay with just 1 Cosmic Cyclone?

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Don't worry hes guaranteed obviously. They're just building up hype for his epic return...
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