Extra Deck slot not unlocking

I've done the 100+ synchro summons (106 to be exact) and I'm yet to be given my 6th extra deck slot and cannot find any information on it online.. Did they change the requirements?


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How to get monster 100
It's over 9000!
It's not 100. It's 1000
Facing the very same problem. I think we can't get the extra slot just yet. Maybe, it'll be available in the future.
"Synchro Summoning" and "Summoning Synchro Monster" is not the same thing.

Apart from normal way to synchro, note that most card effect that summon synchro monster either from extra deck, GY or banished zone is not counted as synchro summon.

Only a few such as "Necroid Synchro" counted as synchro summon and will add to the quest count.
the problem is u cant count and didnt actually synchro summon 100 times
Are you already claim it on life time mission? If yes try to open any your deck you can see 6th extra deck slot

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Which xyz requires 2 gagaga?
Deal with a it. (Insert image Kaiba wearing sunglasses)
You didn't read the rest of the photon cards, did you? then please do
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