Red Dragon Archfiend Deck

Can that be a good deck in the current meta?
Right now I can do up 3 synchro evocation in one turn, thank to the effect of Red Rising Dragon, in order to have Rising Dragon and Red Dragon Archfiend on my side of field.

I also add 2 Newdoria, level 4 demon monster, useful for synchro evocation (sinergy with Red Resonator) and also useful if you start first to bring down one enemy monster.

Resonant Destruction and Synchro Call are in my opinion 2 core card because with Resonant Destruction you can destroy up to 3 enemy card and 1 other card during enemy turn with Synchro Call. Synchro Call is also useful to save your Red Dragon Archfiend from destruction or banishment (Like Dark Magical Circle or Shiranui Spiritmaster)

Another important card is Trap Hole Network, to prevent Deck/GY special summons, like Shiranui, Dark Magician, Blue Eyes, Light Sworn, Witch Crafters, Infernity, Lunalight and many other. Forbidden Lance is also useful to save your Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Bane, that can summons 2 Resonator (I normally summon 1 Red, to gain 3500 LP and 1 Force that can be useful to save your monsters from trap).

I also prefer to use Scarlet Security instead of Cyclons or Night Beam, because RDA is very easy to summon and Scarlt Security destroys all Spell/Trap cards.

So that's all. I hope you enjoiyed.

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Even if you recover an archfiend this deck has bad recovery and comeback
Or the destroy all spell trap if you control archfiend.still you need to get both in hand an field so it may brick you.
I played against with my burn and even with that i beat it.Really bad deck the only trouble some card is assault counter against me but other decks than my deck eat this alive as its cant assault counter cos they will otk you before u bring assault mode most likely.
deck is really bad sorry... maybe good in gold rank
It's a good version of a bad deck, I guess

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I'm interested in Alucard. It's a top level card, starter of the Xyz toolbox era.
Losing half of today's deck is good. Komoney can force you to buy new deck and make more mon...
Use anime card for PVE not PVP. Banyak bacot lu
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