Is Lunalight worthwhile anymore?

So I am very new to the game (just a few days of playtime) and people said Lunalight was good for beginners. Sadly these posts were from right before the Crimson Fox limit (which is a key card from my understanding). Is Lunalight a worthwhile choice for a F2P anymore? If not I am considering rerolling.


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"Konami will always nerf the latest decks to force the players to buy the next BOXes." Thats hungry faks
+normal kuriboh or even arcanca force temperance." so thats why the lunanoob had temperance.but still has good def dont need for it.
They are still good. The loss of kiteroid was a big (and necessary hit) for the deck. However you can try some other options like sphere kuribohs, normal kuriboh or even arcanca force temperance.
Maybe if you use the predaplant version. But that is a whole other box.
Fox going semi is to prevent abuse with Neos Fusion.

But of course, at the same time it does affect the pure build as well because of Kiteroid.

Lunalight is still good since it has the capability to swing for game.

Find a good (or nearly as good) replacement for Kiteroid and you're good to go.
Lunalights are meh.

There's no point in rerolling, because the next deck >>that all F2P will jump on<< will get hit by the banlist. Konami will always nerf the latest decks to force the players to buy the next BOXes.

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